大地震と津波(8) tremendous earthquake and tidal wave(tsunami)(8)

The gymnasium was exposing a lot of pictures taken away by the tsunami and collected later. Goods can be replaced if we pay cost, but photos cannot be replaced. So many people picked up them from the muddy water and posted in the hall. People came here and looked for their pictures. Many pictures are showing happy time and smiles but now...In a sense it is very sad scene!
To get back to the former enjoyable life they held Festival (Matsuri) . Gaku-vo and other volunteer groups worked on the preparation. They made splendid BBQ dishes it was only ¥100 because all ingredients were donated.

Yakitori was ¥50 for one broach.

フランス人の彼も、日本語で「手ぬぐいはいかがですか~!一枚300円で~す」と大声で叫びながら売って歩いたそうです。全部売れたと自慢していました。察するに、おっそろしい「変な外人」が売りつけるので、買ったほうが無難だと皆が思ったのではないでしょうか? 翌朝は声が出なかったといっていました。
This stand was selling Japanese towel (tenugui) that can be put around the head.
He, the French, went around the site shouting big voice "How about tenugui, only 300yen" in Japanese.「tenugui wa ikagadesukaaa? Ichimai 300yen deeesu.」
He said they sold out all of them, but he lost his voice next morning. I guess people were very terrified " the odd foreigner (kind of Japanese idiom-sorry-)" was selling tenugui and they thought it was better to buy it for own safety.
The climax of the Festival was Bonn Dance of Sooran-Bushi(kind of fisherman song in Hokkaido) . Many volunteers joined this.

彼の大学での研究テーマは、インターネット上のフェースブック, トィッター、
The days with hard work have passed but they did not feel tired. Strong connection have made among them day by day.

His research is about social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, wilis, etc. and everything on Internet) and how we can use these social network to improve personal learning. Personal learning is about people trying to learn things alone using personal methods or documents found on Internet, not like in a class with teacher.


Kesennuma sank about 1m. Their efforts to reconstruct must be continued.
When he left the city he sent a Cheer to them."Good Luck! Gannbatsuoo!(Dialect of Kesennuma 「Gannbarou!」)"
And he sent a message to his parents and friends in France.
"De l'autre bout du monde je pense tout le temps a vous et je vou embrasse-From the other side of the world I think about you all the time and I send you lots of Love!"

I also want to send them a message that every Japanese who know him love him. He is the best diplomat of France.
And I also say "thank you" to the members of Gaku-vo, especially foreign students, Indian, Canadian, Koreans, Taiwanese, French, American and their parents and friends in their homeland for helping Tohoku.


大地震と津波(7) tremendous earthquake and tidal wave(tsunami)(7)

6 months passed from Tsunami but there are big mounts of debris in Kesennuma city.
The main work of Volunteers was to get out these object from the houses and to sort them to paper, plastics, wood, concrete, steel, etc. and to bring them to a place like this.

At the first meeting of this volunteer activity they were told "These objects were very important and memorable properties for victims so you never call them as mere trashes"
The reports and photos of this blog are from the French man who attended as student volunteer(Guku-Vo) at Kesennuma City. This team was composed 16 students, not only Japanese but Canadian, Indian, Taiwanese, two Koreans, French and leader who is Japanese American sent from Japan Foundation.

The big and White guy is a French, he is my teacher of English Conversation Class (named Olive) of Life Long Learning Program of Cyofu-City. It is the reason why my English has a little bit of sexy French accent.

It was the house where they were staying. It is ordinary private house and was flooded  up to the 3rd floor. The 1st floor was the kitchen, 2ne was a storehouse of working stuff and donation for victims and 3rd floor was sleeping room for all,17.

Just after the earthquake he was suggested to leave Japan by French Government and they sent 2 airplanes for evacuation. But he stayed in Japan and attended Gaku-vo held by Japan Foundation during his summer vacation.
Why he decided to join this severe Activity?
He received so many assistance from many Japanese people and people of Tohoku need lot of help, he said.
His parents who are living near Mont-Saint-Michel are worried about him so much, even now.

It was very hard work for them to dispose the Tatami mats. They were very heavy keeping water absorbed in them and with strong smell, in addition sometimes  the huge ants made nest and angry ants bit hands.

Of course he did not know Tatami until he came to Japan. Far from it earthquake is quite a new experience for him. At that time he was at 4th floor of University and was surprised the building was smacking and he could only hold PC monitor.
When he saw the image of the tsunami on TV he realised it was so strong. He sent a message to his family in France "I am fine!"


彼は2011年の4月から調布市にある国立 電気通信大学の博士課程で勉強しています。最初コンピューター・サイエンスを学び、現在はE-ラーニングと社会知能情報の研究室にいます。

One day they worked in this small valley where houses have been completely destroyed. Humidity was very high since there were still a lot of water in the ground. In the background trees turned brown as they have been burnt by the salt of the sea water.

He is now studying at National University of Electro Communication to get PhD from April 2011. He studied Computer Sciece before and now he is in a laboratory about E-Larning and Social Intelligence.

                            to be continued


アカカの滝、虹とキス Akaka fall with rainbow and kiss

ところで、公園の駐車場が有料になりました。 $5です。駐車場の手前の道端に置くと$2です。ちょっとせこい感じですが、でも公園がきれいに保たれるなら良いかとも思います。
Near the Akaka fall there is another fall named Kafuna Fall. I thought if trim trees around the fall, we can see one more wonderful fall.
By the way parking was charged recently. $5 in parking lot and $2 roadside. Little bit stingy but these money used to keep the park clean it is worthwile. 
お金を払ったせいか、今日の滝は水量豊かで、しかも二重の虹まで 架けてくれました。ヒロ市内のレインボウ・フォールでは見たことがないのですが。
Because of paying fee, the fall was plenty of water and double rainbow appeared. I have never seen the rainbow at the Raibow-Fall in Hilo.
It is the close-up of the basin.
近くで、カップルが手を伸ばして自分のカメラでキス・シーンを取ろうとしていたのですが、上手く撮れていないようなので、撮ってあげました。私のカメラで撮ってもいいかと聞くと、”シュアー”といってくれたので、この写真を撮りました。彼女が「あなたも私にキスをするか?」 ”シュアー”といおうと思っていたのですが、そうは聞いてくれませんでした。もっともすぐそばに私の奥さんがいましたから・・・
This couple wanted to take picture of kissing by stretching out his arm with own camera, but they could not take picture well. So I took it with his camera. And I asked them " May I take the same scene with my camera" She said "Sure!" So I took this. And she said to me " Do you kiss me and take photo like this?" I intended to say "Sure!" But she did not say so. Anyway my wife stood by me!!!