ワイロア州立公園 Wailoa State Park

ヒロの街の中心部にある広大で美しい公園がワイロア公園です。もとは日本人が多く住む新町という名の町でしたが、津波で壊滅したそうです。ヒロ湾の周囲は津波対策もあって公園、運動場、ゴルフ場で囲まれ、美しいヒロの街をかたちづくっています。 この写真の右側にカメハメハ大通りがあって、その先はすぐヒロ湾です。
Wailoa State Park is a vast and beautiful park at the center of Hilo city. Formerly, it was Shinmachi town lived many Japanese. It was almost destroyed by Tsunami. To avoid the human damage from Tsunami, Hilo city built only parks, play grounds and Golf course, not building, around the Hilo Bay front. And these are forming beautiful Hilo town.
There are Kamehameha ave. on the right side of the photo, and Hilo bay is just over the Avenue.
This photo took from the helicopter of volcano sightseeing. ($210 for 50minutes)

This is a vast and well maintenance park surrounding the Hilo Lagoon.

It is end of the lagoon. There lives many water fowls.
Shower was coming, but escaped under the tree it was pass over soon. It is usual in Hilo.

One kind of waterfowl was such terrible face. I have ever seen this kind of bird at Punaluu Black sand beach and was very surprised because I had never seen this face in Japan (I wrote about it before in my blog) but this had more strange one. Alas! wife and kid were same face.

そしてこの公園のシンボルはカメハメハ大王像です。前にも書きましたが、ホノルル、カパアウに次ぐ3番目の像です。 (-町-カメハメハ大王像参照)

And symbol of this park is King Kamehameha Statue. It is the third one following the Honolulu and Kapaau Statues. ( see "statues of Kamehameha the Great”-town-)


カウマナ溶岩洞窟 Kaumana Lava Caves

Caves と複数になっているのは、我々が入ったものと反対側にもう一つ洞窟があるからです。そして出入りはこちらからと書いてあるのは、彼の家のすぐそばに開口部があって、それは鉄柵で閉じられているからでしょう。2マイルぐらいの距離があるそうです。
I went to Kaumana caves, in a suburb of Hilo. Unlike Thurston Lava Tube at Kilauea, partially wheelchair accessible, it was not maintained. So I asked my friend, who lives near the cave, to guide.
There is another one opposite side of the cave that we went in, so guide board indicated "caves".
"Enter and Exit this side" means this cave has another opening near my friend's house but is closed with iron grille. It is about 2miles away.

Lava flow cool more quickly along the outer edges and harden. This insulates molten lava and later these liquid lava drains from the tube. Thus lava tunnel is formed. There are many lava tubes in Big-island

It was pitch-dark and we had to walk on the large and unstable rock. If I came here without him, I might return at this point.


Owing to him and his powerful torch, I could go inner part of the cave. Many roots of trees were hanging from the ceiling. It looked ominous and I felt as if I was Orpheus going down to hell to look for Eurydike. ( Of course, I could not expect to meet her)


Lava of different temperature and composition oozed from wall made such funny shape. Some one wrote graffiti. The residents of Hawaii are eager about nature protection. But this man could not controll the temptation to write because there were no one around him.

There were few person in the cave. We met only one party at the entrance hall.


We advanced about 500m, it was the point we turned back. If we want to go more we must crawl on knees and hands, ahead of this narrow place we can go out wide tunnel again. But this time we came here with little children and ladies, so we stopped here. Too bad!!(Too lucky!!)

I used flash right and increased sensitivity of camera to ASA3600, this place looks bright, but of course it was pitch-dark.


フラダンスの特訓 Hard training of Fula

I saw boy's Fula lesson at the beach house of Kailua-Kona. It was very hard training sometimes boy wept . The teachers praised the boy of Haole(Caucasian) had very good talent.
Three Hawaiian lades taught them taking rhythm with a big drum.
The boy of center sat like Japanese style, but it was wrong way. He had to sit between legs like other boys. so・・・・・!
残酷な刑罰が! 身をよじって苦しんでいました。
He had to receive cruel punishment. He was in agony under this weight.
At the end of lesson beautiful sunset of Kona coast was encourage them. They went back home with crows (it is the words of a famous Japanese children's song), but crow is endanger spices in Hawaii, so we cannot see them. I want to give them Tokyo's crows!


サウス・ポイント South Point

From Highway 11, it is about 10ml to South Point. Many cows were grazing in the large pasture. Grass is very poor because of little rain. As if they said life is very trivial.

This tree and wind power generator are the symbol of strong and same direction wind.


South end of America is such high cliff. It is also famous place of suicide.


This time one man attempted suicide, at first he hesitated to jump but I pointed my camera at that man, he was encouraged and jumped into the sea.


Of course, I'm just kidding. The boy was playing diving. There is a rope and radder to clime back.


On the way back my car was flat tire, so I had to change it. It is my first time in ten years or more. This road is paved but very bad and no gas station or shop. The rent-a-car is prohibited to drive this road.


プナルウの黒砂海岸2 Black Sand Beach at Punaluu 2

I came this black sand beach with my granddaughter, elementally school. She was first time to visit here. I told her "You can see turtle very close but don't touch them." Every time I visited here, turtles rested on the beach, so I told her this with confidence. But no turtle was on the beach. We were disappointed very much.

Just we were going to another place, she shouted "It comes up"

He walked few steps (fins?), and stopped long time. Was he cautious about human?


No! He(She?) was not afraid but came up straight to the people who wanted to take picture of him. When he came closer people stepped back, BECAUSE......!


The rule is posted. Stay 18feet away include taking picture. So turtle came people step back.

なお、黄色の看板は、モンクアザラシに近づくなという指示です。絶滅危惧種です。私は見たことがありません。見た人は電話をくれとも書いてありますので来るのは珍しいのでしょう。 噛み付かれて大怪我をするぞとも書いてあります。なにしろ2m,200kgもあるそうですから。

Yellow plate is the indication. Don't approach Monk Seals. They are endanger spices. I have never seen them. It is writen when you see it please call. It might be rare to meet them.

Also writen that it may bite and can cause serious injury. Yes, it is very big, about 2m length and 200kg weight.

日本語の看板が出ているのは、よほど日本人がよく来るのか、それとも日本人はすぐ触ったりするためだからでしょうか。でもちょっとおかしいのは英語では、18フィート(5.4m), 日本語では、4.5mになっています。なぜ日本人は1mほど近くまでいけるのでしょうか。と考え込んでいると、

This postage is written in Japanese also. May be so many Japaneses visit this beach or they often touch turtles.
But it is strange, English says, stay 18feet(5.4m) away, Japanese says 4.5m. Why Japanese can approach about 1m more.


Another postage says 15feet(4.5m) so I can understand that is only mistake.