カウアイ島(4)ワイルア滝 Kauai Island (4) Wailua Fall

To go for a cruise, I went back to Port Allen(map11). I met a traffic jam again at Kapaa. There is a water fall, Wailua fall(10), 4 miles way off Lifue. It is very dynamic water fall, one size larger than Rainbow Fall at Hilo.


カウアイ島(3) ハエナ Kauai Island(3) Haena

The northern end town, Hanae(map8), has tree big caves. This is Manini Holo drycave. Wide frontage is open and it looks it was crashed soon by high cliff.

The ceiling is hanging down as if cave says "I cannot tolerate any more'


I little bit suffer from Claustrophobia but called up my courage and entered inside, A legend told, Menefes, a dwarf shut the evil spirit up here, because of  weird air, I retired soon. There are two caves filled with water but parking lot was full so I did not visit.

By the way I could not take a breakfast in hotel, I went to shop and ordered turkey sandwich and fruit plate. But a saleslady cannot understand fruit. She asked me to write it so I did. She said "Oh! fruit" so I said "Yes fruit". She taught me how to pronounce "fruit". "bite lower lip and point your lip and say fruit". I guess she heard my "fruit" is "huluts". Charming lady indeed, but I got shock same as I said "girl" but someone could not understand.
Thank you for your patience to try to understand my bad Japanglish.

カウアイ島(2)プリンスヴィル Kauai Island(2) Princeville

カウアイ島は一周する道がありません。西周りの終点カララウ展望台から東回りの北の果てに近い、宿泊地のプリンスヴィル(地図7)まで、直線距離では20Km(6)ちょっとですが、来た道を戻って125km走らなければなりません。そのうえ、ハワイでは珍しい交通渋滞がリフエとカパア(1,9) で起こりました。45分ぐらいだったでしょうか?東京で渋滞には慣れているはずの私ですがかなりイライラしました。
There is no rout in Kauai to go around the island. The end of the west road, observatory of Kararau, to the near the end of the east road, Princeville,(map7) stay to-night, is only 15 miles(6) as the crow flies, but I have to drive 80 miles including going back same road. Besides traffic jam occurred at Lihue and Kapaa.(1,9)

It is big Hotel but no restaurant in it. So tree choice if I want to take dinner, to drink with snack in a barroom, to go some restaurant by taxi or to buy food at supermarket. I took wonderful Maui bear at the bar terrace at twilight.

I took a morning walk in garden, I saw two birds toddling. Those are Nene, Hawaiian symbol bird. They have self-awareness of preservation so do not fear of human. They came closer and stopped to take pose of photo.

Beyond that peninsular is the remotest land with no road. It was a windy morning.

Tree men gathered garbage and leveled the sand by machine. Thus resort beach keeps beautiful.


カウアイ島巡り(1)ワイメア渓谷 Kauai Island (1) Waimea Canyon


This time I visited Kauai Isl. At first go west from Lihue Air Port.(map1) It was very comfortable drive.

 At an observatory deck of Hanapepe Valley we are astonished by the great view. But it is the only beginning. Kauai is the north end of the Hawaii Islands. It is the oldest volcanic island ( 500~600 hundred million years old) and has much rain,so it is eroded very much.Map2)

The best part is Waimea Valley.(map3) Small river carved great valley for long years.(click photo)

It is called "Grand Canyon" of Hawaii. Many thin strata of so many volcano eruptions makes high mountain and water carved a few at a time,next. It makes grand view. Nature is very persevering!!

Beautiful and high water-fall adds a charm point.

そして道路の終点がカララウ展望台(4)。道をつけることができないほどけわしいナ・パリ コーストの絶景が見れるはずですが・・・・(グーグルパップの写真です。)
The end of the road is the observatory of Kararau valley.(4) If it is fine we can see a magnificent view of Na Pali Coast that is very steep so road can not build,(picture from Google Map)

but I can see only fog..

I took lunch at Kokee State Park.(5) Its sandwich was very delicious.