ヒロの街 1 Town of Hilo

上空より見たヒロの街。人口4万人だが、ハワイ州第二の都市(一番はホノルルで人口87万人)。東京人の私から見ると、もったいないほど空間と緑と水の多い、町全体が公園のような町。しかし、近年2度(1946年,1960年) 津波に襲われている。(津波という日本語は、英語になっている。) そこで、最近の建物は1階部分は住居がなく、波が通り抜ける設計になっているものが多い。

Hilo town from the air. The second largest town in the state of Hawaii,population is 40,000. (largest is Honolulu, population is 870,000.) There are so much space, green and water as I, Tokyo resident, feel wasteful (mottainai). It looks whole town is a park. They were attacked twice by Tsunami, 1946 and 1960. (Japnese word Tsunami becomes English. It was called tidal wave before, but it has no relationship to tide.) For wave passing through the building, the first floor of recent building has open space.


Wailoa State Park, there is in the center of the town.


ヌーディスト・ビーチ  Beach used by nudists

Many cars were parking beside the road, so I thought there were something fun at the beach. Down the high cliff I reach little black sand beach, many people enjoyed swimming there.
To my surprise, some of them wore nothing, all naked. (click photo)

As if before we made original sin, nobody thought it is shy to be naked or to see naked ones.
I brought a big camera into a beach but no one complained about it.
Of course I neither focus to them nor said "Hey! you! Say cheese"

Some one dancing and singing with old Hawaiian instruments, some one sunbathing or swimming in rough sea. Everybody enjoyed own way.
It is the Garden of Eden but snake dose not come yet.


生活 1 living


Tropical fruits are very delicious and cheap in Hawaii, of course. Don't you feel surprise All fruits in this photo are only $3. There is trick, green bananas and avocado were free because I picked them up in the garden of my apartment.


Pineapple was $2, yellow bananas of ten pieces were $1,Papayas were $1 for 7.(It was ¥1290 for one at Supermarket Ishii in Japan) at farmer's market in Hilo.


Please look the vase of white orchid carefully. I made it with coconut. I am proud it looks very good for orchids


These were Banana trees that I got them. When I cut the bunch of bananas, sap gushed out from cut end and pour on me and made dark brown stains on my pants and shirt. I could not remove them either washing or using stain remover.

So those bananas were very expensive ones. 

この右側にアボカド(アボガドと発音したらどうしても通じない。アボケ-ド Avocadoだとおしえられた)の大木があり、実が落ちてくる。サラダに入れると本当においしい。

There is a big avocado tree on the right side of banana. Some times the ripe avocado fall down. Add salad it is very tasty. (So many Japanese think it is avoGAdo. It is wrong.)


マウナ・ケア山頂 Summit


Access road to Muna Kea sumitt. Coming from Hilo you will find this road on your right at almost middle point of Rout 200 that connect Hilo to Kona. Its elevation is 2000m, so if you start Hilo in rain, it will be clear up like this photo. It is big mistake if you think this fine road brings you to the summit. Near the top it will be unpaved road and no guard rail. It is better to go there by 4WD.


Mauna Kea’s true summit. Little down the plateau of observatories, and climb scoria hill. It looks so close but it is hard work to go there because of thin air. There is an alter and always some offerings by native Hawaiians.


There are many radio telescopes at the foot of big scoria cone with snow. Some people enjoy ski here.


Just before sunset. The distant mountain is HaleaKala National Park in Maui Island.


Giant mirror of Subaru telescope. Diameter of this is 8m. It was the biggest single mirror in the world when it constructed. Though this mirror expands Kanto plains wide, there is less than 1mm unevenness. In the observatory it is very cold and very hard to move by oxygen shortage. It published three days a week, three times a day for 8 persons. You cannot see the stars through telescope, because it opens at daytime.


地図 1 南東部



キラウエア火山 1 Kilauea

キラウエアは巨大なマウナ・ロアの中腹にあり、単独の山の形をしていないため、ロアの寄生火山と見られやすいが、完全に独立した火山であるそうな。有名なカルデラの高度が1200mで、サミットはその近くにあるはずだがよく分からない。1248m カルデラは周囲12k、長さ4k、巾3.2kという巨大なもので、その中に直径1kノハレマウマウクレーターがある。(直径2k以上をカルデラと呼ぶ)
Kilauea exists just halfway of huge Mauna Loa and its shape is not like a single mountain, sometimes we misunderstand it is a parasite volcano. But it is said perfect independent volcano. Elevation of famous Caldera is 1200m and summit (1248m) should be close but we cannot recognize it. Kilauea Caldera is such huge one, 12km in circumference, major axis 4km and minor 3.2km. In Caldera there is a big crater named Halemaumau, diameter 1km, 400m depth from the caldera floor. (We call Crater, not caldera, it has a diameter of less than 2km)
Grand view of Kilauea and Halemaumau from the restaurant of Volcano House. Suddenly!!!


For the first time in 25 years, summit caldera eruption begun at Mar. 19. 2008. (I took this picture at Mar. 26)


The vista from Iki Crater before eruption.(Hill like mountain of background is Mauna Loa)

Now it becomes very dynamic view. But road around the caldera is still closed. We can drive only 1/3 of round rout.


マウナ・ロア 1  Mauna Loa


Mauna Loa means Long Mountain. It is my favorite one but I cannot express its height, 4169m, when I take photos, just take big hill. It is the most massive mountain in the world. It is equivalent of 100 Mt.Fuji (although it is a very big mountain)
This blows up from the ocean floor, its depth more than 5000m, so Mauna Loa has about 9600m elevation, it is the highest mountain in the world. (Usually said Mauna Kea is highest in the world from the sea-bed, but some one says sea-bed at Mauna Loa is deeper because its weight push down it below. Ha!ha!ha..)
The active volcano, of course, the most recent lava flows in the year 1984 got closer in a few miles to the houses of Hilo. This photo is the southern slope of it, taken from a 2~3km from coast line, at the side of main road runs around the island.
Mauna Loa’s summit caldera (Moku Aueoueo). Very big mountain so it has 4big crater and caldera. We just walked with gasp on the Lava plateau, with neither tree nor glass, we also did not see people as far as could see. (only two parties met)
There is weather observatory at 3000m elevation. A car barely can climb to that point. So I thought it was not so difficult to climb only 1000m such a gentle slope. That was a stupid notion, thin air gave me terrible suffering so gave up going a top at first trial.
上の写真の南斜面から登ると、3日間かかる。 (途中と頂上にキャビンがある)
If we climb from southern slope, above photo, need three days trip. There are two cabins on the way and top.


The front line of Mauna Loa and Kea battle. The rear is Kea. Kea makes many scoria corns and Loa flows smoothie Lava (pahoehoe lava, it is Hawaiian word but it is technical term of geology). They make interesting contrast.


マウナ・ケア 1 Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea is the highest mountain in the State of Hawaii, 4205m above sea level, 450m higher than Mt.Fuji. It is called White(Kea) mountain because its top becomes white with snow when winter.
It is very famous, as there are many astronomical observatories on the summit.

This photo was taken from the coast of Hilo. You look up 4200m so you see the Observatories just white spots.
It is a beautiful gulf beach with sand little bit. Sometime Turtles swim with us.
Many Observatories are there on top of it. Subaru has deferent form from others, leftmost, and Keck Ⅰ,Ⅱ, right side, are typical type.

Many Scoria hills (cinder cone) are there in the Mauna Kea. Crater ejected so many lave balls and they were piled around there and made hill just like YONEDUKA in Aso Mt. and OOMUROYAMA in Izu peninsula.
Distant view from the airplane. Mauna Loa is right of Kea, though it is 4165m high it looks like just a hill .


ハワイ島の概要 1 The outline of Hawaii Island

1. Island of Hawaii is located in the southernmost of the Hawaiian Islands, and larger than another seven major islands, Oahu, Maui etc., of Hawaii archipelago.

2. Hawaiian Islands were made of Lava from hot spot of Pacific plate. And plate is moving to north 4 inches every year with the islands on it. Hot spot is stable. When the islands move from the spot, the growth of island was stopped. Northern Island of Hawaiian chain, Kauai, is oldest and Hawaii Island (Big-Island) is youngest. Especially south-east part of the island is growing now (making new land now)