レインボーフォールに飛び込む? Jump into Rainbow Fall?

We can see wonderful rainbow in the Big Island. But I have never seen rainbow at Rainbow  Fall.
Instead I saw a woman sending a farewell to this world (Japanese call it "shore of this side") because she might be jumping into the fall. I am little bit acrophobia so it is incredible to sit on an edge of high cliff.
But her boyfriend came to get her, she came back from the other world(Japanese say it "opposite shore").
Happy End!!


虹のふもと foot of Rainbow

We can see many splendid rainbows in Hilo, because of much rain and strong sunshine. I took this photo from my condo. Japanese thinks there is a treasure or happiness in the foot of the rainbow. It is very close but when I go there rainbow escape from me.


椰子の河豚 Coconut Puffer

My friends Mr.&Mrs.Uyeno gave my such cute thing, a piggy(puffer) box made of coconut. I give an explanation for one who don't know about coconut. In wooden  armor there is thick fibrous cushion and inside them there is a hard stone filled with solid and liquid(coconut juice) albumen. This fish is made of the stone.

Compare with the clock this is very big as a coconut stone, about 8 inches. The solid albumen are all taken away not open the stone.  Mrs. Uyeno thought me maker, their friend Mr.Sus Ikeda, buried it in the soil then insect ate them all.

I also got a coconut and take out a stone with hard work and make a pen stand or a vase(need not any skill). Though a big coconut a stone's size is like this(3to4inches). 


ハレマウマウ火口の推移 Change of Halemaumau Crater



7years passed Overlook Crater appeared in Halemaumau Crater, which is in Kilauea Caldera. (my blog "Kilauea" and "summit eruption" in Label "Kilauea, ") April of 2015, level of lava lake was going up and finally overflowed, and soon fell down. These photo are from USGS Web-site.

This picture is taken at Sep.2014.

Photo of Sep.2015. Smoke becomes thin. Black part is a mark of overflow lava. (click the photo you can see the difference of one year)

Flames of lave was very beautiful at evening. Many people gathered front of Jaggar Museum so I could not  use the tripod. 

I moved to the place that Ranger thought me. Mystic beauty!!

The leeward of the crater many Pele's Hair drifted. I asked Ranger "give me a pinch" He said "no"
We had lively conversation such as  I'm a member of Japanese Volcano Lovers Association. His son is learning at Japanese International Christian University. Near the city of that university has strong earthquake Today, etc. 
Then I asked again "give me little hair in secret"  but he said "No. " again. In the National Park we can take out nothing he said. He is Pro!!


スコリア丘に登る climb Cinder cone

I took this picture from the half way up Mauna Kea. I challenged to clime the right side cinder cone.

Turned left from the paved road at this sign.

This road is passable by 4WD but my lent a car was economy class 2WD so I walked up it. Many unknown birds escaped by toddling to hear my footsteps .

Vervet-Mouzuica( not sure this name), a bad alien, grow everywhere.


It was easy to clime up to hill ridge. It was typical crater, almost every cider cones are like this but I recognized something in the bottom later.

The crater from the top.

I saw the bottom through telescope. I can find the alter. Around here it is the holly place for Hawaiian.

By the pass there were many kind of volcanic bombs and bleached bones.

The view to Mauna Loa. Old cinder cones are covered with plant and collapsed. Black lava flow came from Mauna Loa. Around there is a front of two gigantic volcanoes.

There is a army training base to Kona direction with an airstrip.

Summit of Mauna Kea direction. We can see the road to the summit.

Front of the Onizuka Visitor center there are cabins that for the Hawaiian group who protest the construction of TMT(Thirty Meters Telescope, Japan is financing 25%), because the summit aria is sacred place for them. One Hawaii State flag is hoisted upside down, it is the symbol of protest, I heard.

By the way, look at my tire. When I returned the hike, my car was flat tire. I have 55years driving career so flat tire is not so big trouble but I struggled 30 minutes to jack up on the rocky ground and removed tire by poor tools.


枯れたのではなく枯らしたアルビジア Not die but kill Albizia

This time,Sep.1/2015, I see many Albizia forests are dying. Those forests are very beautiful so I feel very sad. Last year I saw many Albizia fell down by the strong wind of Hurricane Iselle. And I thought so many trees got damage at the root by that storm so they did not fall down but died. Just to make sure, I asked my friend, Alan, about this. It amazed me....
Those did not die but were killed. Albizia is an alien and grow very rapid and becomes very big but it is very weak. As we experienced at Isele, many Albizias fell down and gave big damage about electric wire, houses,road, etc. So we are killing them and the County assist it.
According my research, make shallow cuts in the wood and put a weed-killer on it, it begin to die in a year and all blanches fall then die.

These photos are the place of Boiling Pod, a little up the Rainbow Fall. Lower is 5years ago, upper is now. Dead trees are Albizia, you can easily understand the speed of growth of These trees.
But Albizia is beautiful tree, I guess many people think lower is more beautiful than upper.
Think about the suffering of the resident, of course,  I never say so but it is very difficult problem.