アカカの滝 Akaka fall



About 20km north from Hilo, there is a big waterfall named Akaka falls. It is very orthodox type? of waterfall, just like Kegon fall in Nikko, Japan. It is 128m high, so a little bit toller than Kegon, 97m, about the volume of water Kegon is much more superior. But I visited there in rainy day, I was overwhelmed by its dynamism.

There is a small village at the entrance of the falls, Homomu. It has a little nice accessory shop and Pizza house, is worth to visit. Pizza was delicious and big enough.


州鳥 ネネ NENE Goose

As many endemic birds, Nenes are endangered species. When we drive Kilauea or foot of Mauna・Loa we see many traffic signs "Nene crossing" and " don't feed Nene!" It means.....
They are very amiable so we give some food to them, they eat it from our hand. Many people gave them food and they came out to the road for food and met traffic accident so many times.
Fortunately numbers of Nene are recovering now because of protection.
In the past the Volcano House restaurant served Nene like turkey with side dish. I don't know it was true or not.


ポロル渓谷 Pololu Valley

At first you see the map of Kohala, and click the rightmost box of the map so topography map opens. The Northernmost Valley is Pololu Valley. East part of the Kohala mountains, rain made so many rivers. When you click next box, the aerial photo map, you can see typical foehn phenomenon, all clouds stopped by the mountain so there is no clouds in west side of the mountains.
From the look-out so many steep cliffs are seen they were made by rains and big waves for almost 1 million years. Gentle slop is seen in the background, it is Mauna Kea's skyline. They were eroded by rain so many rivers and waterfalls are there on the slope, but waves were not collapsed so severe yet, the height of sea shore cliffs 10~20m. Hawaii island is very young one, but 1 million years made many different type of landscapes.


Beach is down 120m from the Look-out. The river from the deep part of the valley go under the sand at sea shore so you can easily walk across it. Very quiet place there were no man at that day. Car cannot drive in even the 4WD.

海岸から北を見ています。遠浅な感じで海水浴にはぴったりのようですが、Rip Current と呼ばれる激流が起こり沖に流される危険があるとのこと。ここで食べたサンドイッチとコーヒーのおいしかったこと。

Looking at north. The sea looks very shallow and good at swimming but there are strong Rip Current it carries you to the off shore. But the lunch we took there so delicious, sandwich and coffee, we bought them at super-market of Waimea town.


カメハメハ大王像 Statues of KAMEHAMEH the Great

The end of Kohala Mountain Road is Hawi, the Northernmost town in the island. Turn the right, direction of the Pololu Valley, we will see a statue of Kamehameha Ⅰ at Kapaau town that is birth place of the King. This was made at Paris to build in Honolulu, but ship sunk so second statue was made for Honolulu. Later this first one was salvaged and set up here. The third one is


It is standing at beautiful Waikoloa State Park in Hilo. They say the most handsome one is he. After his death, his body was burned and eaten to prevent to pass into enemy. At that time they have a custom of Cannibal.


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地図 2 コハラ map of Kohala

Clik the right box at map, you can see the topographical map and see the defference of erasion between rain and dry wind. Center box indicates a photo from satellite, it shows the Kohala mountains stopping the cloud.

コハラ山脈 Kohala Mountain Road

ワイピオ渓谷で止められ、これ以上北上するにはコハラ山脈の西側を通らなければならないが、これが素晴らしい高原道路で、貿易風の風上のワイピオ渓谷側とは表情を一変させます。1500m 以上のコハラ山脈にぶつかり雨を搾り取られて乾燥した風は、西側では水の浸食ではなく、風と地すべりによるなだらかな斜面を形成します。むこう側の山は、マウナ・ロア、手前の町はワイメア、広い土地はアメリカでも有数の広さを持つパーカー牧場。

As the road of east side is stopped by Waipio Valley, We have to drive west side of the Kohala Mountains to go up north, . It is a magnificent highlands road and has quite different sight from the east side. Because it is at the leeward side of the Trade Wind so rains are squeezed by the mountains of more than 1500m high and very dry wind comes and has few rain. The land were eroded by wind and landslide, not rain and river, making gentle slope.
The mountain of back ground is Mauna・Loa, town in the foreground is Waimea and huge empty space is Parker Ranch that is one of widest ranch in USA.

サボテンがたくさん生えていて、亜熱帯雨林を形成していた東側といかに天候が違うかを示しています。 わずかな距離でこれほど植生が違うところも珍しいのではないでしょうか? ハワイらしからぬ風景です。

Many Cactus symbolizes a difference of weather from east side with tropical rain forest. It is rare places that have such difference only 10 miles away, I think.


It is a distant view of Waikoloa Resort, Maulani Resort and so on, they have many luxury hotels and we can enjoy fine diner at the hotel with golden sunset. West side of the island they have few rain, so it is very good for Golf and swimming.


ワイピオ渓谷 Waipio Valley

ヒロから19号線を北に上がっていくと、映画「ホノカア・ボーイ」(倍賞千恵子の独り舞台だったような気がしますが) の舞台になったホノカアから240号を経て、ワイピオ渓谷の絶壁に行く手を阻まれます。高さ約300m. ここから20kmぐらいはこれと同じような渓谷がいくつもあります。
新しい島ハワイ島では最も古いコハラ山脈 (火山だがもう活動はしていない) のふもとで、百万年近く雨の浸食を受け、キラウエアやマウナ・ロアのふもと (生まれたばかりの土地) とは全く違った景観を示しています。

Go to north by Rout 19 and turn right to Rout 240 at Honokaa town, it was a main stage of movie"Honokaa Boy" (This movies was monopolized by the Actress Chieko Baisyou, I think), this road is blocked by high cliff, almost 300m down. It is Waipio Valley. Many same kind of deep valleys are there in next 20 miles. Here, the foot of Kohara extinct Volcanoes is oldest part of the island, near 1 million years old, and has been eroded by water and wind. They showed quite different land scape from new born land Kilauea and Mauna・Loa .
It has a way to go down the valley by car but I have no courage to go by my economy class 2WD American rentacar. Yes I could go down but how to come back. So I went there by shuttle tour.

Under the great cliff there is big and long scale of valley and Hi'ilawe falls are there deeper part of the valley. The height are almost 400m, the highest water fall in the Hawaii State. Many eroded big valleys are lying here to northernmost Pololu Valley. Another valleys cannot go in by cars.
There live about 50 peoples now and making Taro potatoes, pound into paste, they become very traditional Hawaiian foods named Poi. Please try them when you'll come to Hawaii, I ・・・never again. The big Tidal waves of 10m high that brought big disaster in Hilo came here 1946, but no one dead here by the grace of magical power of this valley, Mana!.


津波を見た Tidal Wave

When I introduced Hilo town in this blog, I mentioned about Tsunami which attacked there twice. Next day we had huge earthquake at Chile, M8.6 and what an accident, I stayed Ichinomiya town at the Boso peninsula so I could watch the Tsunami for the first time in my life. Of course I could no go out to beach or haber, so I waited them at the side of Isumi River. Here is 1km up from the river mouth and it makes a right angle to Pacific Ocean. The Isumi River is very quiet and gentle one. (left of the picture is lower part of the river)

Suddenly mass of trash were flowing backwards aginst the stream very quickly.
You can easily find the level of water rises high abave, when you see the draining ditch and the angle of steps to floating pier.

Stakes of pier show the direction of flood and huge increase of water. Only in 5 minutes water increased 1m.

If water increased 1m more all the houses around there were flooded up to the floorboard. I'm thinking now next after I saw this scien.
1. ヒロの記事で、かって英語では津波のことをタイダル・ウェーブといっていたが、タイド(潮) とは関係ないので、今では正当にもツナミと呼んでいる、と紹介したが、私が見た限りにおいては、これは、波ではなく大きな潮の流れという感じです。
I said in Hilo story, Tsunami was called "Tidal Wave" before. But there is no relation between Tide and Tsunami so word of Tsunami becomes English. It was reasonable I thought. But I saw this tsunami I'm thinking now it is not a wave but gigantic flow of Tide.
2. 波にはあれだけ大量のごみを、川の流れに逆らってすごいスピードで運んでくるパワーはないでしょう。単に上下させるだけ。引くときはあっという間に流し去って行きます。
A wave has not such power or energy to carry big mass of trash up ward of river against the flow. A wave can only move them up and down.
3. 風の力で表面だけ波立たせるのではなく、海底から水をうごかす、まさに「潮の波」でした。しかし怖いですね。音もなく寄せて音もなく去っていく。前の家などは全くこの事態に気がついていませんでした。
A wave is occured by wind mainly and happen at surface of sea. But Tsunami moves all water from bottom of the sea, we must not call them "Haber Wave-TSU-NAMI".
It is exactly "Tidal Wave" or "Tide like Wave". It is very horrible because it creeps still and goes away quiet. No one of that hause recognized this situation, of course not evacuate but might be just watching TV, it repeated so many times that it was possible one wave after another becomes bigger.
4. なお、ヒロの街は75cmぐらいのツナミで被害はなかったようです。
Hilo got no damage from tsunami of 75cm high.