ラナイ島(1) Lanai Island (1)

長さ30Km,幅21Km 人口3,000人 フォーシーズンの超豪華な(五つ星クラス)の二つのホテルの他は何もないといわれる島です。
This is a ferryboat from Lahaina, Maui, to Manele Bay, Lanai.
Lanai Isl. is 6th largest Island in Hawaii Islands.
18 miles long and 13miles wide. Resident population is 3000.
People say that there is nothing in Lanai except two super gorgeous hotels of Four Seasons Resort(5 stars grade).
Soon after leave the port we can see a luxury liner from Australia via San Francisco.
Background is Kahoolawe Isl. smallest isl in major 8 Hawaii Islands.
It was the maneuvers place of US Navy and remains many unexploded shells so the general public can not land at.
West Maui has steep eroded valleys. On the right side We can see Haleakala Mt. (10,023ft) dimly.
This is Lanai, highest  point is Lanai Hale, 3370ft, always has cloud over the top.
There is no sign of people living.
High eroded Cliff. This island has the second  highest sea cliff in the Pacific Ocean.
After 40minutes, at last we can see the buildings. These are Manele Bay Hotel of Four Seasons Resort.


ハワイ火山コイン Hawaii Volcanoes Quarter

拡大すると読める E Pluribus Unum は1955年までの公式標語「多数から一つへ」、現在は In God We Trust 「我々は神を信じる」で、表面にはこの文言が刻まれています。
The law to mint 56 US National Parks Quarter was enforced in 2010. This time Hawaiian Volcanoes Quarter was issued. It is very elaborate one that carves incandescent rubbles and Lava flow from Pu'u O'o crater.
( If you crick this photo you can read Latin words " E Pluribus Unum", official motto of US until 1955, means "out of many, one"  Now is "In God We Trust"  Both Mottoes are carved both side of this coin.....of course I don't write this sentence for American readers...)
I could not get an attachment to make key chain of this coin in Hilo, but I got it in Tokyo. It is for making key chain by inserting photos, named Hamepachi( means the lid shut with a click) key holder. Coin is too thick to shut the lid with click so I fixed the lid with glue.
The series of 50 States Quarter finished. I collected all of them with great difficulty but new series start!!!
The last coin of 50 States series is Hawaii. Kamehameha the Great is designed with Hawaiian words "Ke Sa Oka Aina I Kapono" means " With Justice, a reign continues forever". ( I'm not sure of this translation)


マウイ島ラハイナ港 Lahaina Harrbor Maui Isl

To visit to Lanai Island from Hilo, Big Island, at first I went to Kafului Air-port of Maui Island by plane and went to Lahaina Harbor by shuttle limousine then went to Lanai by ferry.
Lahaina is a very lively town. Both side of street there are many stylish shops for tourists.
There is a station of origin of Sugar Cane train to Kaanapali.(see Sugar Cane train, Ravel-Town-)
It is the biggest banyan tree in USA, making the shade of 0.7 acre. Under the strong sun shine of Maui Isl, it gives us kind of Oasis.
I asked lady driver of shuttle Limousin to carry us to the Jodou Mission just off the town. It takes 20minutes on foot so few tourist visit there. I also the first time to visit.
It is strange combination, a three-stories pagoda, palm trees and blue sky.
The bronze great Buddha is enshrined here. It is the biggest bronze statue in foreign countries.
It is 12 feet high and 3t weight Amitabha Buddha with noble face.
It was erected to celebrate the centennial anniversary of Japanese immigration to the Hawaii Islands. The Donor was Masao Omori, President of the Hiratsuka Fujimi Country Club. What an accident! I once belonged this Golf Club. This Club was collapse and rebuilt. 

Back yard of this temple is beautiful beach and good place to see Lanai Isl.
Almost every time there are clouds over the top of Mt. Lanai-Hale, dormant volcano, 3300ft hgt.
When I was looking around, a man set the chairs in the shade and suggested to sit there. It looked like some kind of dinning  hall so I asked him Coke. But he is chief priest of this temple, he gave me Coke out of kindness. Later I throw some money into an offertory box.
Graveyard biside the temple. A vague feeling of sadness crept over me!